Alpha & Omega Drama Club

Kenneth Kalis, the club advisor, has 50 years’ experience in drama/theater.  He began acting at Rutgers during his junior year, also wrote, directed and produced plays there, and was elected to the Nu Psi cast of Alpha Psi Omega, the National Honorary Fraternity of Dramatic Art.  From there he was awarded a fellowship at the State University of New York at Albany for a Master of Arts in Theater; (he has a BA in English from Rutgers University, and a MA in English from Fordham University).  Later, he directed community theater and taught English and drama at high school and college levels.  He is a fervent follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and a committed student of the Bible, the Word of God.  His personal motto is “All for Jesus,” and his life’s Bible verse “Be not afraid; Only believe!” – Jesus in Mark 5:36

We are a Christian troupe of student actors, production people, stage hands and other theater young people performing for the Glory of God and to share the good news of Jesus and his GREAT love.  All acting and other roles in our presentations are played by our high students for the benefit of others in the school and community.  Every production enables drama club members to use their talents as a testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ and to open windows of grace and blessing to those who come to experience the Gospel in exciting Christian plays.

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