School Administration

The Newberry Christian Community School Board of Directors is a vital part of our school community.  We invite you to participate in the School Advisory Committee made up of parents, teachers and staff to share your ideas and participate in school planning.  You are a vital part of this community!

As board members, we would like to thank you for joining us in this new mission.  It is our prayer that together we will help to raise up Godly young men and women to be leaders of tomorrow.

School Administration:

James Schrader - Principal Debbie Cason - Assistant Principal

Susan Zehner - Vice Principal Middle/High

Amy Padgett - Vice Principal Elementary

Justin Hadsock - Operations Manager / IT Technical Services Katie Hadsock - Office Manager / Student Services Tara Iams - Certified Financial Officer Jamie Brower - Athletic Director

Board of Directors

Martin & Chrisanne Pickard - Chairman

Melissa & David Lopez - Treasurer

David & Terry Hankins - Secretary Myra & Rob Carr - Member

Bill & Dee Carman - Member

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